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Q: Can you please advise how they are farmed and what “free range” means at Ovaston

A: The farm itself is certified organic, meaning no chemicals are used on it. In our case, the chemicals haven't been used for at least the last 10 years.
The chickens are raised on the farm from day-old. They are fed organic feed from that age. The birds have access to the green pick (pasture) at all times.
No antibiotics are used and the only vaccines used are the ones specified in the organic standard.
Animal welfare issues, like stocking density and so on, are strictly adhered to.
Organic feed is itself certified.



Q: Are your eggs vego?

A: Generally, eggs are an animal product. If you choose to omit animal product from your diet, look for egg substites.



Q: Could you please tell me if your chickens are fed any meatmeal or fishmeal at all?

A: Our feed may contain limited amounts of meatmeal or fishmeal. It is a very important part of a chicken's diet.



Q: Aren't eggs bad for your heart?

A: A very good question. Eggs are extremely good for your health. Please see this article for full story